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Chief Accountant 总会计师

Hotel Brand: Hotel Indigo
Location: Mainland China, Fujian, Xiamen

Job number: HOTEL49676

About Us

•Review and correct daily revenue journal 察看并纠正每日收入日记账。 •Controls all balance sheet accounts by preparation of monthly account reconciliations and actions accordingly 通过准备每月科目调节表及采取相应的行动控制所有的资产负债表科目。 •Specifically reviews the accounts payable balance to ensure accuracy and proposes action and follow up to be taken to ensure a clear balance with limited over 90/120 day amounts 特别核对应付帐余额,以确保其准确性,并对帐龄超过90/120天的帐目提出处理计划并跟踪,以确保其余额清晰。 •Control accommodation advance deposits 管理住房预缴押金。 •Monitor house banks and investments 监控店内备用金及投资。 •Analyze and investigate cashiers’ over and shorts 分析并调查收银员长短款。 •Code and input manual cheques 编码及填写手工支票。 •Investigate and input bank statement data 调查和输入银行对帐单数据。 •Prepare bank reconciliations 编制银行余额调节表。 •Review accounts payable monthly inventory reconciliations 查看应付帐款月度明细调节表。 •Review accounts payable purchase journal 查看应付款进货日记帐。 •Review travel agency commission payments 查看旅行社佣金付款情况。 •Maintain replacement reserve cash book 保持补充现金帐簿。 •Review and prepare input in the general ledger from various sources 查看和准备将来自不同渠道的凭证输入总帐。 •Review food and beverage control reconciliations and journal 查看食品及酒水的控制调节表及日记帐。 •Review accounts payable/ inventory interface 查看应付款与库存系统接口。 •Prepare balance sheet record and identify and reconcile all items therein 编制资产负债表及表内所有科目的调节表。 •Audit payroll 审查工资册。 •Prepares monthly invoices for other IHG hotels, General Manager, Store and Shop rentals 为洲际酒店集团的其他酒店、总经理、仓库及租赁店铺准备月度发票。 •Prepares all journal vouchers for month-end closing 编制月结记帐凭证。 •Prepares monthly Financial Statements for distribution to Department Heads and Executives, as directed by Finance Manager 在财务经理的指导下准备月度财务报表并分发给部门经理和行政管理人员。 •Responsible for month-end back-office computer closing 负责后台财务系统的月结工作。 •Prepares asset purchase/disposal report for owners 为业主准备资产采购/报损报告。 •Approves payment requests, employee advances and petty cash prior to payment 在付款前批准付款申请、员工借款和零用现金付款申请。 •Assists Manager of Finance and Assistant in budget preparation and input, forecast reports and monthly reporting to corporate finance 协助财务总监和副总监准备、输入预算,营运预测报表,及每月向集团财务递交的报表。 •Reports directly to and communicates with the Assistant Manager of Finance and Finance Manager on all matters pertaining to accounting and financial controls 直接向财务副总监和财务总监汇报所有与财务和财务控制相关的事宜。 •Cooperates, coordinates and communicates with other departments in matters concerning accounting related matters and internal control 与其他部门合作,协调,交流有关财务及内部控制的相关事宜。 •Interacts, as required, with individuals outside the hotel including hotel’s bank, tax auditors and other hotels and ICHG corporate offices 与酒店外部人员包括酒店的法律顾问,保险公司,税务顾问,审计,商业银行及政府银行等进行沟通协调。

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