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Banquet Service Supervisor 宴会服务主管

Hotel Brand: Holiday Inn
Location: Mainland China, Tianjin, Tianjin

Hotel: TSNNK - Holiday Inn Suite Tianjin Downtown

Job number: HOTEL48424

About Us

Prepare all administration documents required by the Banqueting sales and service team 准备宴会销售和服务队伍需要的所有文件。 Attend to telephone, fax, email enquiries in a timely manner 及时回复电话,传真和电子邮件的询问。 Maintain a correspondence data base (manual and electronic) 维护通信录 (人工输入或电子的)。 Co-ordinate all familiarizations and site inspections as required 按要求协调场地视查等工作。 Sell the hotel facilities and services with emphasis on the banqueting facilities 销售酒店的设施与服务,重点是销售宴会设施。 Meet with clients and attend to the details of their events (including weddings; business meetings, small conferences; internal meetings and external meetings, etc) 会见客户并注意客户的活动中的具体细节 (包括婚礼,商务会议,小型会议,内部和外部会议等)。 Prepare Banquet Event Orders (BEO) 准备宴会工作单(BEO) Liaise with interfacing departments to provide exceptional service for guests: 与酒店的其它部门配合为客人提供卓越的服务。 Executive Chef and Food and Beverage Manager for menu and floor plan lay out within budgets 与总厨和餐饮经理協商在预算内提供菜单和场地设计的事宜。 Reservations Manager for space allocation of rooms 联系预订经理有关会议室场地分配的事宜。 Attend sales meetings and service briefings 参加销售会议和服务说明。 Provide input for hotel web design relating to Banqueting 为和宴会相关的酒店网站设计提供建议。 Assist with promotions and familiarizations where requested 必要时协助宣传促销活动。 Organize Trade shows, functions and exhibitions where applicable and advised by Superiors 按照上级领导的建议组织安排贸易展,活动和各种展览。 Work with other ICHG properties and assist superiors including regional sales personnel to sell their properties 与洲际酒店集团的其它酒店通力合作,协助上级领导,包括協助地区的销售人员推销酒店。

Your day to day

Required Skills – 技能要求 Demonstrated ability to interact with customers, employees and third parties that reflects highly on the hotel, the brand and the Company. 完全代表酒店,品牌和公司与顾客,员工和第三方交往的能力。 Alcohol awareness certification and/or food service permit or valid health/food handler card as required by local government agency. 持有当地政府规定的含酒精饮品知识课程证书或食品服务许可证或有效的健康或食品上岗证。 Problem solving, reasoning, motivating, organizational and training abilities. 具有解决问题,推理,号召,组织和培训能力 Good writing skills 具有良好写作技能 Leadership skills. 具有领导技能 Qualifications – 学历 Diploma in Hotel Management, Food & Beverage, or related field. 酒店管理,餐饮或相关专业的大专学历。 Experience – 经验 2 years related experience, including management experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience 2 年相关工作经历,包括管理经验,或与此相当的教育和相关工作经验结合的背景。

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