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Assistant Security Manager 保安部副经理-HUALUXE Xi'an Chanba & Holiday Inn Xi'an Chanba

Hotel Brand: Hualuxe
Location: Mainland China, Shaanxi, Xian

Hotel: HUALUXE Xi'an Chanba & Holiday Inn Xi'an Chanba

Job number: HOTEL46273

About Us

Take over the duties of Security Manager in case of his absence. 保安部经理不在时,代行其全部职责。 Ensure the protection of Hotel property, lives protection of guests and team members and their property. 确保酒店财产,酒店客人及员工的生命和财产安全。 Institute Security Regulations, Fire Prevention Regulations, guide and coordinate other departments in security management. 制定饭店安全保卫制度、防火制度,指导和协助酒店各个部门的安全管理。 Supervise and check the implementation of all security regulations, ensure the follow up. 监督检查各项安全制度执行情况,保证安全制度的贯彻和落实。 Organize daily routine patrol and security check to every part of Hotel. 组织对酒店各个部位的安全检查和日常巡视、巡逻。 Report and remove any potential obscurations of accident or fire to Management. 向酒店管理层提出并排除事故隐患或火灾隐患。 Work out emergency procedures for fire and security, organize drills. 制定火灾和安全的紧急突发事件处置预案,并组织人员演练。 Conduct on-site guidance and rescue work of emergencies such as fire and explosion. 负责对火灾、爆炸等突发事件的现场处置。 Offer safety and fire prevention training to team members and professional training to Security. Organize drills to Hotel Voluntary Fire Brigade members. 负责对员工进行安全教育和防火培训。对保卫人员的业务培训。对酒店义务消防队员的训练。 Investigate all criminal cases and fire accidents occurred inside Hotel. 对饭店内部发生的各类案件和火灾事故进行调查。 Find and check out all the dangerous and the suspected, prevent any illegal and criminal activities occurred inside Hotel. 发现各类危险分子及可疑人员,打击店内的各种违法犯罪活动。 Dispose fire control and monitoring equipment, make them in prefect status. 配置消防和监控设备,保证这些设备的正常使用。 Work out security guard plan and organize guards to ensure the safety of guests in case of VIP activities. 制定安全警卫方案,组织警卫力量,保证重大宴会活动及贵宾的安全。 Establish and maintain good working relationships with PSB, Fire Control Bureau and other governmental organizations related. 同当地的公安、消防机关及其他相关政府部门建立良好的关系。 Ensure the reporting and servicing deadlines are met on time. 确保在规定的时限内进行汇报和提供服务。 Complete special duties as instructed. 按照要求完成特殊的任务。 Adhere to the hotel’s security and emergency policies and procedures. 坚持酒店安全制度、紧急情况处理规定和程序。 The management reserves the right to change / extend this job description if necessary at any point of time during her / his employment. 如有必要,该部门有权更改或补充该职位描述。 Carries out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities as assigned. 完成任何其他合理的职责和被指派的职责。

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Required Skills – 技能要求 Possess knowledge of the requirements of government regulations and technical rules. 了解掌握政府的要求和技术标准。 To be capable of following specifications for hotel services. 能够执行酒店服务的要求。 To be capable of training the team member. 能够对员工进行培训。 Experience – 经验 1. 1 or 2 years of extensive hotel security managing experience. 一至两年相关酒店工程管理经验。 2. Should have at least 5 years experience in sercirty and fire control field. 应至少具有五年的有关保卫防火领域的工作经验。
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