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Admin Assistant 行政助理

Hotel Brand: InterContinental Hotels
Location: Mainland China, Hubei, Wuhan

Hotel: WUHHA - InterContinental Wuhan

Job number: HOTEL41443

About Us

• Day-to-day secretarial work including typing, filing, telexes, faxes, telephones, etc. • 日常的文秘工作,包括打字,归档、电传、传真、电话等。 • Ensures distribution of documents, letters, telexes, faxes, memos, and information etc. on timely basis. • 确保及时的发送文件,信件、电传、传真、备忘录及信息等。 • Arranges internal and external appointments. • 安排内部和外部的日程预约。 • Translates incoming mails, documents, articles as needed. • 根据需要,翻译收到的电子邮件,文件及文章。 . • Ensures safekeeping and filing of all contracts, financial records, energy reports etc. in appropriate storage. • 确保适当的储存保管和归档所有的合同,财务记录及能源报告等。 • Assists in maintaining the regional files. • 协助保存好区域文件。 • Follows up on the monthly reporting of the other hotels within the region. • 跟进区域内其他酒店的月度报告。

Your day to day

University graduate preferably in English major plus 2 years of experience in administrative work and prefer 1 year secretarial experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Hotel experience preferred. 大学毕业,英语专业优先,拥有2年行政工作经验,有1年秘书经验者优先,或同等的教育和工作经验。具有酒店工作经验者优先。
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