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ADD Service Attendant 全日餐厅餐饮服务员

Hotel Brand: InterContinental Hotels
Location: Mainland China, Hunan, Changsha

Hotel: CSXIC - InterContinental Changsha

Job number: HOTEL23112

About Us

What's your passion? Whether you're into tennis, shopping or karaoke, at IHG we're interested in YOU. At IHG we employ people who apply the same amount of care and passion to their jobs as they do their hobbies - people who put our guests at the heart of everything they do. And we're looking for more people like this to join our friendly and professional team. 您的激情是什么?无论您的爱好是网球、游泳或是卡拉OK,在洲际酒店集团,我们都对您非常欢迎。洲际酒店集团希望招募到那些把对爱好同样的关注和激情付诸于他们的工作中的人 - 那些用心对待客人和每件事情的员工。目前我们在招募更多这样的员工加入我们充满动力与活力的团队。 Job overview 工作概述 •Deliver Food and Beverage service of high standard and in accordance with departmental standards and procedures 按照部门的规范和程序提供高标准的餐饮服务。 •Communicates to his/her superior any difficulties, guest comments and other relevant information 与上级领导交流有关疑难,客人意见和其它相关信息。 •Establishes and maintains effective employee working relationships 与员工建立并保持良好的工作关系。 •Attends and participates in daily briefings and other meetings as scheduled 参加和参与每日的例会和其它计划好的会议。

Your day to day

High School or above. 高中或以上学历 Food service experience with general knowledge of restaurant operations preferred. 餐饮服务经验,懂餐厅运作者优先考虑。

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