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风险专员(保安部主管)Risk Officer

Hotel Brand: Crowne Plaza
Location: Mainland China, Hainan, Sanya

Hotel: SYXBA - Crowne Plaza Resort Sanya Bay

Job number: HOTEL47933

About Us

•The position of Security Officer is responsible for performing hotel security duties and procedures to ensure the safety and security of guests, employees and the property as well as the property’s assets. Promote the desired work culture around the five core values of Trust, Integrity, Respect, One Team and Rick officer InterContinental Hotels Group and the brand ethos. 风险专员负责执行酒店的安全职责和程序以确保客人,员工和酒店以及酒店资产的安全。促进洲际酒店集团‘信任、正直、尊敬、一个团队及服务’的五项核心企业文化及品牌理念。

Your day to day

Required Skills – 技能要求 • With the relevant security certification or licensed and received the necessary First Aid skills training 拥有相关的保安从业证书及接受过必要的急救技巧培训 • Familiar with the local laws, investigation methods, fire codes and life safety knowledge 熟悉本地法律,调查手段,消防规范及生命安全规范的工作知识 Qualifications – 学历 • High School or vocational training 高中文化或职业培训 Experience – 经验 • 3 years of experience in star hotel security department or military experience, including supervisory experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience 具有3年以上的星级酒店安保经验或军队经历,包括管理经验或与此相当的教育与工作经验结合的背景

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