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工程部技工 Technician

Hotel Brand: Holiday Inn Express
Location: Mainland China, Jiangsu, Taizhou

Job number: HOTEL52313

Job Summary – (Role Summary) 工作概述﹣(职位概述) • Assist the Shift Engineer or Chief Engineer with general hotel and building minor maintenance and ensure that work is completed to a high standard within your established trade which meets the needs and expectations of your customers. 协助值班工程师和总工程师有关酒店和建筑的辅助维修保养工作,确保工作达到行业中的高标准,以使顾客满意。 Essential Duties and Responsibilities – (Key Activities of the role) 主要职责﹣(职务的主要工作) • Apply Trade Expertise: 运用综合维修技能: • Maintain the hotel in your qualified trade to the desired standard 利用自己专业技能对酒店进行维护并达到期望的标准。 • Daily inspection and rectification of all public areas in relation to your trade 每天对公共区就与自己专业技能相关的方面进行检查和修整。 • Complete work orders as requested by the Shift Engineer or Chief Engineer in relation to your trade and other directives to meet customer requirements 按照值班工程师的工作单完成与自己专业相关以及其它的工作,从而满足客人的要求。 • Initiate/identify project work required in light of your trade throughout the hotel 根据自己的专业技能计划和确定酒店内需要完成的项目。 • Assist the Shift Engineer with the design of a preventative maintenance program 协助值班工程师设计预防性维修保养计划。 • Use initiative and foresight to undertake tasks outlined within the preventative maintenance program without the direction of the Shift Engineer/Chief Engineer. 在值班工程师和总工程师没有要求的情况下,有预见性的在预防性维修保养计划的范围内主动的进行工作。 • Be able to show flexibility to change the schedule in light of guest priorities 表现出工作的灵活机动性,能够按照客人的轻重缓急变更时间。 • Ensure plant rooms are checked and cleaned and are in operating order 确保检查机房和进行清洁工作,确保设备在正常状态下工作。 • Carry pager and respond to requests from departments regarding minor maintenance issues throughout the day 全天佩带呼机,对部门要求执行的小型维修项目予以回应。 • Do a lighting check to ensure all globes are in working order 检查电灯,确保所有灯泡正常工作。 • Investigate reported faults for laundry and kitchen equipment 调查有关洗衣和厨房设备的故障报告。 • Carry out any minor repairs to guest rooms or public areas 执行客房和公共区域的小型维修。 • Liase directly with departments regarding the completion of work orders and prioritise in order of guest satisfaction 直接与部门交流有关工作单的执行和优先顺序问题,以便使顾客满意。

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS 资格 Required Skills – 技能要求 • Relevant trade skills  相关的维修技能 Qualifications – 学历 • Vocational Certificate or equivalent 职业证书或相当的证书 Experience – 经验 • 1 year of relevant experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience. 1年相关工作经验,或具有与此相当的教育与工作经验结合的背景

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