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值班经理 Duty Manager

Hotel Brand: Crowne Plaza
Location: Mainland China, Beijing, Beijing

Job number: HOTEL48475

About Us

Key Responsibilities 主要职责 Reports directly to and communicates with the Front Office Manager on all pertinent matters affecting guest service and hotel operations.直接向前厅部经理汇报并就所有与宾客服务及酒店运作相关的问题进行沟通。Reacts to situations to ensure guests receive prompt attention and personal recognition throughout the hotel对各种状况做出反应,以确保来宾被及时的礼貌接待并得到充分的注意和重视。Assists Guest Relations in greeting, rooming, and sending off VIP guests.协助客户关系部门迎接贵宾,为其安排房间并在其离店时送行。

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Required Skills 技能要求 Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office and Front Office System熟练使用微软办公软件和前台系统Problem solving and organizational abilities具有解决问题和组织能力3 years’ experience in front office / guest services or related discipline including supervisory experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience. 拥有3年前厅或宾客服务工作经验,包括管理经验,或与此相当的教育和相关工作经验结合的背景。

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