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Hotel Brand: Holiday Inn
Location: China, Fujian

Hotel: Putian Xiuyu (FOCPU), No. 108 Qingtang Road, Xiuyu District

Job number: 107476

Duties and Responsibilities工作职责

  • Participates in the preparation of the annual POMEC Budget.                                                                     
  • 参与制定年度POMEC预算
  • Reviews proposed capital expenditure authorization requests forms pertaining to POMEC, and makes appropriate recommendations.
  • 审核与POMEC相关的资本支出授权申请表提议,并提供适当的推荐。
  • In case of pre-opening hotels assist Director of Engineer for all the engineering related jobs as describe in pre-opening engineering check list, but not limited to.
  • 如果是筹开酒店,协助工程总监履行筹开工程清单中列出的所有工程相关职责,但不仅限于这份清单。
  • Reports daily by log book to the Director of Engineer of all irregularities during his shift and steps taken to rectify the problems highlighted.
  • 通过日志薄向工程总监每日汇报当班期间所有非常规事件以及纠正问题所采取的行动。
  • Determines optimal operating efficiencies and take necessary corrective measures when variance from standards are excessive through logs and utility data
  • 决定最优的操作效率,并在日志和公共设施数据显示与标准差异过大时采取必要的改善措施
  • Attends to all types of repair and maintenance work in the Hotel premises including any new additions / extensions to the Hotel or any other properties maintained by the Hotel.
  • 参加酒店范围内的各类维修和保养工作,包括酒店的新增和延伸设施或由酒店提供维修保养的任何其他物业。
  • Advises improvements to the present system in order to optimize the operating efficiency and economy of the said system.
  • 对现有的系统提出改进建议,从而优化该系统的运作效率和经济节约。
  • Coordinates and attends/distributes all work orders directly to his staff for action on a daily basis, giving priority to guest complaints.
  • 每天协调并参加/向员工直接分配实施所有的工作定单,优先处理客人投诉。
  • Prepare engineering department required spare parts list.
  • 准备工程部必要零部件清单。
  • Prepares PM annual plan and a monthly Maintenance Status Report.
  • 准备项目管理年度计划和每月的维修情况报告。
  • Ensures that the water treatment and water treatment testing is being carried on
  • 确保实施水处理和水处理检测
  • Ensures implementation of IHG policies and procedures for:
  • 确保在以下方面实施IHG政策和程序:
    1. Maintenance schedules.   维修计划表 
    2. Energy conservation and control.  能源节约与控制
    3. Water and sewage quality control.  水与污水的质量控制
    4. Fire prevention and other life safety programs.  火灾预防和其他生命安全计划
    5. Effective plant preventive and routine maintenance. 机房有效的预防性和常规保养
    6. Operation and control of Plant and equipment. 机房及设备的运作和控制
    7. Energy management systems and procedures. 能源管理系统和程序
    8. Inspection and staff supervision. 视察和员工管理
  • Supports and initiate programs for the improvement procedures and the reduction of energy and utility costs.      
  • 支持和发起降低能源及公共设施成本和流程改进的计划
  • Analyses and monitors energy costs and expenditures for the department.                   
  • 分析和监督本部门的能源成本和支出
  • Recommends to the Director of Engineer, new policies and procedures for a more economical operation and maintenance program.                         
  • 向工程总监推荐新的政策和程序,制定更经济的运作和维修保养计划
  • Prepares PM work orders and follows up work orders on a daily basis. Advisees the Director of Engineer on any problems or delays.
  • 每天准备项目管理工作定单并跟进工作定单。将任何问题或延迟告知工程总监。
  • Follow up on work request and PM backlogs twice a week and is responsible for completion and correct closing of all work requests. At the end of the week he presents a status report.                                  
  • 每周两次跟进工作请求和项目管理待办事务,负责所有工作请求的完成和正确结束。在每周结束时提交工作进度报告。
  • Provides a weekly report of any plant or equipment witch is Out Of Order and the action taken.
  • 提供发生故障的机房或设备的周报告以及采取的行动。
  • Supervises outside contractor when working on plants or equipment in order to ensure high standards of workmanship.     
  • 监督外部承包商对机房或设备的相关工作,以确保高标准的工艺水平。
  • Follow to the arrangement of multiple task.
  • 遵循酒店所安排的不同种工作
  • Overall supervision of all shift personnel during his/her shift.
  • 当班期间对所有当班员工的监督和管理。
  • Works with Superior and Human Resource department to ensure the departmental performance of staff is productive. Duties include:
  • 与上级和人力资源部一起,确保部门员工的工作绩效和生产力。职责包括:
    • Conduct on the job training in accordance with the departmental standards and procedures and maintains a record of progress for each staff member
    • 根据部门标准和程序实施工作培训,并记录每个员工的进展情况
    • Trains and develops the assigned Employees in order to improve their skills and quality of work.
    • 培训和发展指定的员工,以提高他们的工作技能和质量。
    • Provide input for probation and formal performance appraisal discussions in line with company guidelines
    • 根据公司的指导准则,为试用期和正式工作表现评估的讨论提供意见
    • Ensure new staff attend Corporate Orientation within first month of hire
    • 确保新员工在聘用后第一个月内参加公司的入职培训
    • Coach, counsel and discipline staff in breach of hotel policies and departmental procedures, providing constructive feedback to enhance performance
    • 对员工进行辅导、咨询和违法酒店政策和部门程序时的纪律处分,提供有建设性的反馈意见,以改善工作绩效
  • Ensures that house rules are followed and obeyed.
  • 确保遵守和奉行内部的规定。
  • Ensures punctual attendance and adherence to duty schedules by all subordinate staff.
  • 确保所有下属员工准时参加和遵守工作日程表。
  • Ensures that personal grooming and hygiene standards are being observed. Does spot checks in the morning.
  • 确保遵守个人仪容和卫生标准。在早晨进行抽查。
  • Ensures all subordinate personnel follow the Engineering Standards and Procedures as issued from time to time.
  • 确保所有下属员工遵守不定时发布的工程标准和程序。
  • Is responsible to issues warnings to his subordinates for infringements of Hotel Rules and Regulations, examples are, but not limited to:
  • 负责向下属发布违反酒店规则和规定的警告,
  • Coordinates with related department for the PM/PMM/FPMM schedule and work execution
  • 与相关部门协调PM/PMM/FPMM日程安排和工作执行
  • Interacts and cooperates with Hotel guests and outside contractors as necessary or directed by superior.
  • 必要时或在上级的指导下与酒店客人和外部承包商沟通和合作。
  • Interacts and cooperates with other departments when necessary to provide additional or specialized services for functions, promotions and festivities.
  • 必要时与其他部门沟通和合作,为宴会、促销活动和节庆活动提供额外或专门的服务。
  • Ensures smooth and continuous functioning of required equipment for the total hotel building and its interior, thus achieving maximum efficiency and guest satisfaction.
  • 确保酒店整体建筑及其内部必要设备的平稳、持续运作,从而实现最高的效率和宾客满意度。
  • Is responsible for work safety on his/her shift.
  • 负责当班期间的工作安全
  • Demonstrate Awareness of IHG Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) policies and procedures and ensure all procedures are conducted safely and within PPE guidelines and ensure your direct reports do the same
  • 展示对IHG个人防护装备(PPE)政策与程序的认识,确保安全地实施所有的程序并符合PPE指导准则,并确保你的直接下属同样如此。
  • Be aware of duty of care and adhere to work place health and safety related various IHG policies and procedures
  • 具备谨慎责任意识,并遵守各种与工作场所的健康与安全相关的IHG政策与程序
  • Be familiar with property safety, first aid and fire and emergency procedures and operate equipment safely and sensibly
  • 熟悉物业安全、急救和消防及应急程序,安全、合理地操作设备
  • Initiate action to correct a hazardous situation and notify supervisors of potential dangers
  • 主动采取行动处理有危险的情形,并将潜在危险通知主管
  • Log security incidents and accidents in accordance with hotel requirements
  • 根据酒店要求记录安全事件和事故
  • Prepares a monthly Maintenance Status Report.
  • 准备每月的维修进度报告
  • Carries out regular fire alarm test.       
  • 定期实施火灾报警检测
  • Ensures that the work shop and related areas are kept in a clean and tidy condition.
  • 确保工作场所及相关区域保持干净和整洁。
  • Complies with Hotel's Health, Safety & Hygiene Policy.
  • 遵守酒店的健康、安全和卫生政策。
  • Ensures that all Equipment is in good working condition according to the engineering standards.
  • 确保所有设备处于良好的工作状态,符合工程标准。
  • Maintains clean and tidy Plant rooms and equipment throughout the hotel according to the engineering standards.     
  • 保持酒店各处机房和设备的干净和整洁,符合工程标准
  • Ensures that availability of Plant and Equipment is 100% at all times. If breakdowns occur, ensure that the necessary repair is carried out without delay.                                              
  • 确保机房和设备在任何时候均100%可用。如果发生故障,确保毫不延迟地实施必要的维修。               
  • Act as a member of the hotel’s fire brigade and participates in all Fire drills / training.
  • 充当酒店消防队成员并参加所有消防演习/培训
  • Perform other duties as assigned by superior.
  • 履行上级分派的其他职责。



Technical school graduate in any of engineering related trade or obtain vocational training plus four years of experience in related trade of graduation and prefer 1 year supervisory experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.  Hotel experience preferred. Professional certification and license if required by law.


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