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保安员/监控员 CCTV Attentant

Hotel Brand: Crowne Plaza
Location: Mainland China, Beijing, Beijing

Job number: HOTEL48474

About Us

Responsible for supervise of hotel's safety & fire work 1.处理突发事件的能力 The ability to deal with unexpected incidents2.具有很强的计划、组织、沟通、协调、领导能力 Organizing And Planning Skills,communication skills,Coordination Skill,leadership skills 3.具备优秀的书面和口头表达能力 Excellent written and verbal communication4.至少两年以上五星级酒店同岗位工作经验 At least two years working experience in the same position five Stars Hotel 5.原则性强,职业化规范度高,具有良好的团队协作精神,出色的人际交往能力,诚实可靠、品行端正 Strong sense of principle, professional management ability ,a good team spirit of collaboration,excellent interpersonal skills,honest and reliable,Decency6.具有较强的工作责任心和学习能力、良好的团队合作意识 Have a strong sense of responsibility and learning ability,a good team spirit of collaboration

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