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会议及宴会副经理 Assistant Conference & Banquet Manager

Hotel Brand: Hualuxe
Location: Mainland China, Fujian, Xiamen

Hotel: XMNAD - HUALUXE Xiamen Haicang

Job number: HOTEL49622

Assists Conference & Banquet Manager in the co-ordination and monitoring of all meetings and conference business

·        协助宴会经理协调和管理各类型会议。

·        Assists in managing the standards and procedures of the department, for instance, ensuring that business has been signed prior to commence planning

·        協助管理部门的标准工作程序,如确保在开始规划业务前签定合约。

·        Assists in managing the rooming list process

·        協助管理团体名单。

·        Co-ordinate the allocation of space for the conference and associated events

·        协调会议和相关活动的场地分配工作。

·        Conduct room familiarisations and site inspections

·        进行熟悉房间和视查场地的工作。

·        Monitor competitor activities

·        监测竞争对手的工作。

·        Supervise the functioning of all banqueting department employees, facilities, sales and costs, to ensure maximum departmental profit is achieved

·        监督宴会部员工,设施的工作情况,以及销售和成本,确保部门获得最大的利润。

·        Controls and analyses, on an on-going basis, the following, in an effort to ensure optimum performance:

·        持续性的控制和分析以下工作,努力确保获得最优的绩效:

·        Quality levels of product and service

·        产品和服务的质量水平

·        Guest satisfaction

·        宾客满意度

·        Merchandising and Marketing

·        市场销售

·        Operating costs

·        运营成本

·        Sanitation, cleanliness and hygiene

·        公共卫生,卫生与清洁

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