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Scott Blakeslee

Chief Wellness Officer & Brand General Manager, EVEN Hotels

How did you get the job at IHG?

Four and a half years ago, I was contacted by a recruitment company looking for a General Manager for the InterContinental Dallas.  The timing was perfect and I had always wanted to work for IHG. Having worked in the industry for a while I had heard it was full of like-minded professionals looking to make a difference, which really appealed to me.  Now fast forward into my new role with EVEN Hotels.  IHG’s Senior Vice President of Operations in the Americas, who hired me for the InterContinental role several years back, called me one evening and proposed an idea. As a mentor and friend, he knew it would be a great match.


“What I love about working at IHG is the people and the investment in brand innovation. There is an incredible amount of talent and creativity at this company which I find inspirational”

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? What are your hobbies and interests?

Running, hiking, cycling. Basically, if it’s outdoors and active you can find me doing it! And, of course, my family and friends are always top of the bill as well.

How do your hobbies play a part in your working life? Do they help in any way?

As the Chief Wellness Officer and Brand General Manager of EVEN Hotels, personally living a very active and balanced lifestyle is critical.  I have always believed that you have to ‘walk the talk’.

Tell us about some of the great things you've done by working as a team.

We are a high performing, tight knit team that counts on each other each and every day. We successfully launched an innovative, game-changing hotel brand to the world this past year and experienced the opening of our first two EVEN hotels.  There is so much pride, excitement and honour that comes with that.

How have you been able to implement your own ideas at work?

To bring the needs of a new brand, operations, colleagues, owners and guests to life in a cohesive way means evaluating and measuring every small detail.  The seemingly smallest ideas can create the biggest impact, like how and where to write a welcome message or what type of fitness equipment we offer.

What’s a typical day like for you?

I start my day by leading a run for guests and team members at 6:30am, followed by catching up on emails and phone messages from 7:30am to 8:15am. I then have breakfast with our guests and talk about their experiences with us for the next hour. I’ll then tour the property and lead our team’s morning meeting at 10am sharp. I don’t stop going then until my head hits the pillow that night after tucking in the kids and kissing my wife goodnight.  And no, I wouldn’t change a thing!