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Laura Taylor

Guest Relations Manager, Hotel Indigo - Liverpool

What were your first impressions of working for an IHG branded hotel?

I started work at the Hotel Indigo Liverpool four years ago. I remember receiving a warm welcome and a comprehensive induction. All of the team seemed really friendly and enthusiastic, which made my first day less daunting.

“For most people it’s a treat to stay away from home, and I love the fact that I can play a part in making this extra special”

What's a typical day like for you?

Typically, my day is spend welcoming the guests to the hotel, finding out about why they are visiting and ensuring that they receive the best service from our team. I also make sure that the last face they see as they leave is a happy one, thanking them for their visit and wishing them a great day. One of my main focuses is the guest journey and how we can make it the best for the guest. I spend a lot of my time running about between departments to make sure that this is the main focus for all of our team members. What I love about working here is that every day is different and I have the chance to really make an impact on the guest’s stay by ensuring that they have the best experience with us.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? How do your hobbies play a part in your working life?

I like to keep fit and particularly enjoy dancing. I also do yoga, and try to fit it in every day. I am passionate about travelling and learning about new cultures and languages.  I also love photography and take my camera with me whenever I travel. Sewing is another passion of mine and I like to experiment with creating garments and making alterations. My hobbies help me to maintain a healthy work life balance as well as remind me who I am when I am not at work.

What opportunities does your hotel offer its colleagues?

Training and development is a huge part of our hotel and every team member is encouraged to think about what’s next and is helped in every way possible to get there. I started at the hotel as Reception Manager and after two years, I expressed an interest in developing my skills in a slightly new area. The Guest Relations Manager role was introduced after numerous conversations with my General Manager and she continues to support me to excel in the role. I would love to experience life at another IHG branded property, maybe even in another country.

What's your best memory of working for an IHG branded hotel?

Most of the best memories involve the friends I have made and the team experiences we have had. IHG’s Celebrate Service Week really helps to make you feel appreciated and valued and also creates some of the best memories.