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Ferney Garcia

General Manager, Holiday Inn Santo Domingo

What are your hobbies and interests?

I spend a lot of time reading novels. I particularly enjoy Gabriel Garcia Marquez and his magic realism style. I also enjoy Isabel Allende from Chile. When I read, I get transported to the places and landscapes of the book.

“One of the great things about IHG is that you are continually developing and shaping yourself as an individual and the company supports you 100%.”

Tell us about some of the great things you’ve done as a team.

As a team we’ve reached 100% of our goals for the last four years in a row. We’ve been recognised by TripAdvisor as one of the most trending hotels in the Caribbean, with one of the best results for customer comments. Several people on my team have been recognised as the Best of the Best in Sales and Marketing and Guest Experience Champion at this year’s IHG Conference in Las Vegas. For three consecutive years we’ve also been no.1 among my competitive set, which isn’t easy considering that we’re competing against strong hotels like Hilton and Sheraton.

How does IHG help you grow professionally?

IHG is always offering people opportunities to grow. I’ve benefitted from many development programmes and had the chance to work in different countries too. I’m actually the perfect example of how IHG allows people to grow as 20 years ago I was a bellboy, and today I am General Manager of the best hotel in the Dominican Republic.