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Alex Tacher

General Manager, Candlewood Suites Miami Airport - Doral

How long have you worked for IHG and have you had any other jobs working here?

I have worked for IHG for five years. I was hired originally by this hotel as a houseman and within two months was promoted to Head of Maintenance. For the next three years I loved working in this position. I then applied for the Operations Manager role. I was in that position for six months before being promoted to General Manager of this hotel.

“You can get a job anywhere, but it’s the people at IHG that truly make it a great place to work.”

What were your first impressions of working here?

I thought (and still think) that it was a really great company to work for with great benefits and good people. My first day was very nerve-wracking, like starting any new job, but the difference was the environment. Everyone was very friendly and approachable.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Most of my spare time is spent with my kids. I also enjoy fishing, swimming and off-roading. Fishing really helps me to refocus and clear my mind, so that I can come back to work feeling refreshed and ready for the challenges of the day ahead.

Tell us about some of the great things you've done by working as a team. Have you been awarded any in-house achievement awards?

What’s great about the team here is that we are all on the ‘same page’. There’s a fantastic team spirit here and we understand how important working as a team is. This has been the key to our success when it comes to winning awards. We were awarded the 2013 ‘Best of the Best Award’ by IHG. We also won two ‘Aim Higher Quarterly Awards’ in 2014 and two ‘Quarterly Guest Relations Top 3rd Award’. We are also very proud to have donated more than $3500 as a team to Give Kids the World and IHG Shelter in a Storm.

What's your best memory of working for IHG?

Winning the 2013 ‘Best of the Best’ Award. The hotel team was ecstatic knowing that through their hard work we were able to accomplish this. It was very motivational.

Do you know where you want your IHG career to go?

Given the support I have received here so far which has helped me to progress from Houseman to General Manager, I truly believe that the sky’s the limit for me at IHG. In the near future I would love to become an Area Manager. With the training available to me as a new General Manager, I am confident that this will be possible.