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'What got me the job at IHG'

Below, our colleagues talk about the key to their interview and career successes at IHG. Many of them have years of experience and some are new. However, all have shared their own personal stories. If you've got an interview coming up and are looking for some advice, there's something in the words below for you. 

‘Being flexible in this industry and realising that even when you’re faced with problems they are simply ‘solutions waiting to be found’, goes a long way. It also helps to laugh out loud every now and then to keep the fun in your day!’ 

Terri Fynch | Director of HR - SEA & AA Resorts

'I researched IHG's values and culture before my interview. I know that I'm motivated by enjoying my work and the people that I work with, so it was important to me that IHG was right for me too. In my interview, I showed them that I was prepared to work hard, shared their values and that I'd fit into their team. This was for a temporary role 3 years ago. Now I’m a permanent 'IHG-er' and I’m working on great things that I’d never thought that I would - be adaptable!’

Chris Alsworth |Employer Brand Executive

‘I think I demonstrated in the interview that I was ready to be flexible and roll up my sleeves to get the job done. My experience has taught me that very few roles stick to the letter of a job description; you need to be willing to take a view on what the business needs at any given time then plan and execute accordingly.’

Rowan Martin | Global Cross Brands Director

‘I am so passionate about what I do and this came across in my interview. I could talk about my job all day! I also knew my CV inside and out and was ready to answer questions about my past roles quickly and with ease. I knew my facts, the figures that I suspected IHG wanted to know and I was honest. I think honestly comes across in an interview. I'm not perfect. Who is? And I was honest about the things I have learnt throughout my career. I had also read and understood the job specification for the roles I had applied for, had researched IHG and came to the interview with some ideas for change - which I shared diplomatically!’

Mary-Anne Duffy | Resourcing Manager, Europe Corporate and Global Functions

‘I focussed my early career on gaining real breadth of experience and took every opportunity that came my way. From getting my hands dirty in highly unionised factories, working on offshoring projects to putting my hand up to be the new Human Resources Manager of a factory that had just burnt down from a huge popcorn fire the previous day! They were all roles with lots of variety and change. They gave me the stepping stones to keep moving into bigger roles, as well as making sure I never got bored and was always kept on my feet!’

Louise Byrne | Global Talent Director

‘Almost 10 years ago, I came to IHG for a part time temporary assignment that should have lasted a few weeks. The SVP of the Americas Human Resources team was looking for a full time assistant.  I was honest and open to her during our interview. I told her I felt I could offer more and that it was important I was allowed to be myself and my professional self.  I also did research on IHG because I really wanted to know who IHG were, where they stood against the competition and what their vision was.  I already had one very good, accomplished career and for this reason I asked myself:

Do I want a "job" or do I want a "career"?

It needed to be a well thought out decision because if I were to make a commitment, I wouldn't give anything less than 150%.  I wanted to be sure IHG would recognise and appreciate such a strong work ethic. 10 years ago, I was seeking 'Room to be yourself' from IHG before they created that famous promise - I think things have worked out pretty well!’

Ly Bui | Employer Brand Delivery Manager

‘I had worked with IHG in Hotel Operations a few years ago and so knew what the company was like. I also gained experience in the field I was applying for in a different industry giving me a stronger knowledge and experience base. 

All this lead to a good combination of education, experience and company knowledge. I also researched quite a bit on what would lead to success in the role and how I would overcome challenges. All this, my persistence and guidance from my mentor landed me the job.’

Shweta Chaturvedi | Manager, Talent Resourcing

'It all started when I received a phone call from a corporate office director whom I met 5 years back. He suggested that I consider an opening that they had - it was a complete surprise! So out of curiosity, I went for the interview. I was really impressed with how transparent and upfront the Regional General Manager was on the challenges that the person would need to overcome in the newly created role. I believe it was the my returned honesty that got me the job. Rather than selling my experience and how I think I could excel in the role, I decided that honesty is the best policy. I shared that I have never been in a similar role, I'm not strong in certain areas needed in the position but I would love the opportunity to join the team and overcome those exciting challenges ahead.  I was offered the job on the spot and the rest is history.’

Janet Wong | Global Talent Centre of Excellence Projects Director

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