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Spotlight on: Our brand values

At IHG our focus on Employer Brand does two things. First, it gives people clear visibility of what it’s like to work at IHG. Second, it describes exactly what we want to stand for in the hearts and minds of our colleagues, both current and prospective.

Our Brand Promise, Room to be yourself is reflected throughout out Employer Brand. It’s important to us to put the spotlight on our brand values because it’s who we are at the end of the day.

In this blog we want to delve deeper into our brand values by looking at our Brand Promise, where our Employer Brand came from, and what promises we make to each and every one of our employees at IHG.


Room to be yourself

Our Brand Promise describes the unique and compelling qualities that allow us to stand apart from our competition. This is the case when attracting talent, developing and retaining our colleagues.

Room to be yourself works on three levels, at a global level, at a local level, and on a personal level, and is how we want our colleagues and candidates to think of us.

Room to be yourself also relates to our ambition as a company to be the #1 hotel for guests, owners, and colleagues. We want to create a great hotel that guests love, and it’s through our team and colleagues that we can achieve that.


Where our Employer Brand came from

Being part of the hospitality industry means people have always been at the heart of IHG, and thus our employer brand was born in 2006. We recognised that we needed to stand out in order to attract and retain the best talent.

Our Employer Brand manifested itself after carefully analysing research from 70 focus groups. These groups consisted of 1,500 colleagues in 20 different countries from across the globe.  When asked what was important to them, and how we needed to behave to move from good to great, here’s what was said.

What Room to be yourself really means

As well as giving current employees and potential candidates’ room to be yourself we also wanted to commit specifically to our Brand Promise through four particular promises. These promises are a sign of our commitment to set the standard for the way we look after our people across the world.

1.Room to have a great start

You will be treated with respect and we will make sure you have everything you need to have a great start.


2.Room to be involved

You will have the opportunity to work with great teams, know what is going on and make a real difference in your workplace.


3.Room to grow

You will be supported and given opportunities to develop yourself and pursue a rewarding career.


4.Room for you

You will be rewarded and recognised for your contributions and we will value the significance of your life beyond work.


At IHG we really take the development of our people seriously. Not only does it ensure that we can offer our guests the best experience, but the whole business gets better when our people are happy, fulfilled in their career and feel supported in achieving their dreams.

If you want to progress to the next level and make your career goals a reality then IHG could be the perfect place for you.  Simply click the ‘Find a Job’ link in the top right hand on your screen and you can start on the path to career development with IHG today.

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