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7 Tips Tips To Ace Your Interview


Got an interview coming up? This is your time to shine. It’s no secret that interviews can be a tad overwhelming, but if you take the right approach, you’ll be in a better position to showcase your best self. And don’t forget, this is just as much of an interview for the company you’re hoping to work for as it is for you. It’s your chance to question them and make sure they’re also the right fit for you.

We’ve got some top interview tips that will give you your best shot at acing your next interview. Here’s how you can step up your game and make a lasting impression.

1. Stay calm

Not only during the interview, but in the lead up to it. If you spend the entire week before fretting, you’ll struggle to turn up in the right mindset. Make sure you are relaxed the day before and you can get some headspace.

Do things that will help you stay calm and level-headed such as reading your favourite book or fitting in a quick yoga sesh. On the day, you’ll no doubt be a little bit nervous, but try your best not to lake your nerves take over. If you’ve prepared properly you shouldn’t have anything to worry about, which leads onto our next point...



2. Prep to perfection

Make sure you’ve got everything ready. Print off your CV and cover letter. Go through your interview prep which should include coming up with answers to some common interview questions. Have a think about questions to ask the company ahead of time so you look passionate and interested on the day, rather than struggling to think of decent questions to ask.

One thing a lot of people neglect to do is plan their journey properly. Check the train times, book your tickets, and if you’re driving or getting the bus, have a look at the best route to take. Calculate how long it will take and then add on some extra time in case you get delayed.

3. Research the company

It’s surprising how many people forget to do this, or if they do, they barely scratch the surface. Knowing what the company does and where they’re based isn’t going to cut it. You need to dig deeper. Show you’ve gone the extra mile to find out more about them. Because if you want the job that badly, you’ll be an expert on the company and be able to explain in detail exactly why you want to work for them. The best place to start is the company website, as this gives you a chance to get to know their core values and background.



4. Be aware of your body language

The moment your interviewer sees you, they’ll notice your body language. They want to see that you carry yourself with confidence, as this reassures them you’ll be able to cope with workplace challenges. Even if you’re feeling a bit shaky and nervous, do your best to pretend that you’ve got complete faith in yourself. Sit up straight, make eye contact and don’t fidget too much. It’s so easy to play with your hair, fiddle with a pen or start shaking your knees under the table due to nerves. Don’t fret too much about how your coming across, as well as showing confidence the most important thing is that you be yourself.

5. Relate your CV and skills to the role

This is a crucial part of interview prep. If you can get this right, you’ll be in a strong position to rock your interview. Employers want to know how your specific skillet meets the needs of the role, and it’s your job to point this out to them. So, before the interview, take some time to define exactly why you’re the perfect candidate for the role.

6. Connect with your interviewer

You want to be memorable, and one way (as well as showcasing your wonderful personality) to do this is to strike a chord with the interviewer. Do your research on them before the interview, look them up on LinkedIn and listen intently to see if you can find anything in common. If you can get chatting about something they can relate to in the interview, you will most likely stick in their mind.

7. End on a positive

In his book ‘happy’, Derren Brown talks about ‘the remembering self’. He says that he always makes his finales the most impressive part of the show because this is what people remember. If the show ends on a high, the audience has a positive perception of the show as a whole. It works the same for interviews, so try your best to end on a positive note so that the interviewers remember you in a positive light. Sign off with enthusiasm and put a smile on their face.

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