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Abishek Verma

General Manager, Holiday Inn Express Chennai Mahindra World City

What’s been your career journey so far?

I got picked up straight from university and was the first batch of graduates to be selected from this region.

After successfully completing the program, I joined the rooms division as a duty manager. Since then, I’ve learned all about hotel operations and am now the first person on the General Manager Express Lane Programme, which focuses on developing my leadership skills.

“IHG has recognised my hard work and passion for the industry by giving me added responsibility backed up with the right resources, training, systems and tools”

What do you like about working at IHG?

The recognition you get for your hard work. It’s been less than four years since I started working here and already, I can proudly call myself a General Manager – for me that sums up IHG and its commitment to giving you the room to grow.

I also love being part of a passionate team. We all want to make as many guests happy as possible. What’s great is the way we work as a team to achieve this. We all have different strengths so every time I plan for success, I think of my team and how to get the best out of them. Then we pull together to make this goal a reality.

Have you thought of any new initiatives that have improved IHG?

I am currently working with the Vedatya Institutue Gurgaon (which is also a part of IHG Academy) on a research paper on corporate responsibility due to be published in December.

I have also introduced some very effective cost management ideas and carried out a number of projects designed to enhance guest satisfaction. That’s what’s great about working here. If you have ideas and they can improve the business, then they will be listened to and acted upon.

How do your hobbies play a part in your working life?

I like sport – cricket is my first sport but I also enjoy badminton, volleyball and football.

I think team sports build character, as well as reveal it. I strongly believe any candidate with any level of sports background will always prove to be a great team player – someone who can be a leader yet knows how to lose gracefully.