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Spotlight on: Being a Chef at IHG, Crowne Plaza

It was more than eight years ago when Shining Ly went from intern to chef at IHG. She started as a graduate and would playfully say to her colleagues at the time, “I’ve devoted the prime time of my life to this hotel”. Looking back, she explains “It was these six rewarding years that made me who I am today”.

Eight years since Shining joined IHG and she’s still cooking up a culinary storm in Crowne Plaza Yantai Sea View Shandong, China. We had the pleasure of catching up with her to see just what she’s been up to over the last few years. 


Shining, have you been on any more training courses since we last caught up?

“Yes, I’ve participated in a lot of training initiated by the training department of my hotel which has tended to be external. Some courses are in group networks, including Harvard Manage Mentor Program, Lobster Ink, IHG Frontline, My Learning, for example.

These courses are very helpful to my work and even though my title is ‘Chef’ whereby cooking skills are important of course, management training courses are equally important for me. Since receiving the training of Leading Others I’ve learned a lot from it.”

Tell us something that sticks in your mind from the last year?

“I think every day is precious. Getting along with my employees is most memorable especially getting to know those quite a bit younger than me. I find myself changing my ways slightly to get along with them, which is exhilarating. They’re all lovely and work extremely hard. Whenever we’re busy, we fight side by side to ensure that our guests are satisfied.”


Where next? Do you intend on branching out?

“As a young chef, I have a lot to learn, especially with regard to cooking and management skills. So for now I plan on gaining more and more experience that will allow me to get better at what I do, which will open doors to opportunities in the world of a Chef. I am always looking for a challenge so can’t wait for the next one!”

Looking back how valuable was your internship and how has it impacted you today?

“During my internship, I met my mentor who is extremely professional and still is to this day, he has influenced me a great deal.  He taught me as long as you work hard everyone can succeed in the kitchen regardless of age, gender, and ethnicity and so on.

I learned how important teamwork is amongst the ‘kitchen brigade’. Working long hours proved that, and through certain kitchen injuries I see now how these were the trials of growing up.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned is don't just get by on the bare minimum, and don’t complain – your work ethic says a lot about you and a positive one will stand you in great stead at IHG. In fact, I would also like to thank my team that I am working with now because everyone has helped me on my journey as I grow at IHG.

I was very lucky to enter the InterContinental Hotels group during my internship and it was here I discovered most that I just love the culture. IHG has given me enough room to grow and make great progress which I will continue to do as I work hard to contribute to the group.”


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