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Returning the ring: Deep's Story

A regular guest to the Bella restaurant was celebrating his mother’s 60th birthday with his family in the restaurant.

Celebrations began at 8pm with the entire family happily enjoying themselves. As their dinner was drawing to an end, Deep brought out a cake that he had personally arranged with a big ‘60’ written on it – a great time was had by all.

While closing the restaurant for the evening he discovered a gold ring on the sofa. He knew it must belong to a member of the family and most likely the mother of the guest. And since they were a very regular visitor to the hotel, Deep knew their address.

After informing security and the duty manager as per protocol, he decided to go to their house and enquire if they had lost a gold ring. On the way he also stopped to buy a birthday card and flowers for the guest’s mother and handed them over along with the ring.

Deep said "I returned the ring because it’s the right thing to do and because it’s what I would want somebody to do if they found my valuable items".

The next evening Deep was surprised to find the guest’s mother in the restaurant with her granddaughter. She gave Deep a thank you card and a large gift wrapped box…

Knowing that he was newly married she asked him to unwrap the gift in front of her - she had given him a beautiful dinner set! An email was also sent to the management team to thank Deep for his efforts as the ring was of great value to the guest.

Deep, Team Leader - Food and Beverage, Holiday Inn Amritsar Ranjit Avenue

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