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Introducing the first ever Open Lobby concept in Europe

Welcoming the first ever Open Lobby concept in Europe

Imagine a hotel designed so that guests can do everything they want and need, without ever leaving. Imagine a menu with familiar, high quality dishes and beverages prepared and served with care and consistency. Imagine a team who naturally engage with their guests, are experts at what they do and work together to deliver a seamless experience that guests value. Welcome to Holiday Inn® Open Lobby, London Brentford Lock with three core pillars that make it special;

The open and accessible design gives our guests more options and ensures that everyone who visits us feels welcome.

The Kitchen – Food & Beverage Philosophy
Our varied all day offer gives our guests the familiar, much-loved classics that remind them of home.

Our people love bringing our culture to life and they work together to do whatever it takes to give every guest an experience that they value, every time

Now take what you imagined, watch the video, and see for yourself what the Open Lobby concept looks like! 

If you would like to join us at IHG, or the team at Holiday Inn Open Lobby then why not take a look at the list of careers we have available. You could be an application away from a life changing role. Click the ‘Find A Job’ link in the top right hand of the page and take a look at our worldwide opportunities.

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