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IHG Loyalty Summits - The Foundation of Loyalty

On Wednesday, 19th October and Friday, 18th November, IHG hosted two loyalty summits in London and New York respectively. The panel events convened some of the most innovative thinkers and experts on brand and consumer behaviour. Discussions prompted new ways of interpreting the meaning of customer loyalty amidst a constantly changing consumer landscape. 

Both events followed the same theme of ‘The Foundations of Loyalty,’ touching on key insights from the 2016 IHG Trends Report, Meaning Membership: Transforming Membership in ‘The Age of I’.

Keith Barr, Chief Commercial Officer at IHG, introduced the summit in London. He spoke about the wider context of brand loyalty and how it concerns all consumer-facing industries, not just the hospitality sector.

The broad topic of The Foundations of Loyalty enabled the discussion to focus on the below two themes:


  • Consumers today have an unprecedented choice, so now more than ever is a critical time for brands to form meaningful relationships with customers. What does it take to create lasting consumer relationships today?
  • We are living in a world where technological innovations are moving at unparalleled speed and where both individuality and inclusivity matter to consumers. How can brands make membership meaningful?


Drawing on these insights, the panellists discussed what it takes to create true and lasting consumer relationships today.  They also talked about the opportunities brands have to make membership more meaningful, which in turn creates value for both businesses and consumers.  

Moderated by Angeline Ong, Anchor at Reuters, the discussions brought a breadth of unique perspectives from a range of backgrounds and expertise.  

Understanding who your audience is vital in ‘The Age of I’. Paired with the use of technology brands and organisations can build truly meaningful relationships with consumers.

We’re living in a digital age that is shaping the way we do things in the hospitality industry, and that is very exciting. Gaining insights from a panel of experts from a range of industries was really interesting and has paved the way for things to come.

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