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A great service story: Going the extra mile for the guest

Von works as a Concierge Officer. Around end of March, a guest approached him to ask where he could find the nearest petrol station. During their conversation, he found out that the guests petrol tank was almost empty and he might not make it to the next petrol station!

Von decided to go the extra mile and arranged for a hotel driver to go to the petrol station, and get the guest some fuel. We'll let the guest tell the story, in his own words:

"I arrived at the hotel last week with my petrol tank on red due to missing the previous petrol station. As I had an early morning meeting in Abu Dhabi, I had hoped that I would have passed a petrol station on the way. After speaking to the concierge, I discovered that the nearest place for fuel was some distance away, and I certainly did not have enough fuel to get there. When I explained my challenge to him, he immediately took control, and organized for a driver to go and get me petrol. When the petrol arrived they dealt with filling my car. This was all done as I was in my room relaxing. Crown Plaza Concierge Von, thank you for going to the extra mile; very much appreciated. I am not sure how many hotels would have helped as much as you did. Thank you."

Once again Von went one step further, when the driver returned with petrol, he got the key of the guest’s car and refuelled it himself!

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