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Doctors orders: Zarar's story

One evening a guest had to be rushed to hospital. Zarar personally escorted him calming him down the whole time and ensuring him that everything was going to be taken care of.

Not content with just taking him to the hospital, he even assisted during the X-Ray procedures!

Later, Zarar went the extra mile again emailing to ask how the guest was and even reminding him to take his medicine, as per the doctor’s instructions. The guest was delighted and touched by Zarar’s genuine concern and care and wrote a letter to thank him.

"I remember the day I took the guest to the hospital and how much pain he was in. I was recollecting it a few days later and telling a colleague about it when I thought I should enquire of his health just to be sure if there was anything that I could help him with." recalled Zarar. 

Zarar, Concierge Associate, Holiday Inn Mumbai International Airport

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