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Delivering those little surprises: Anup's story

Anup meets with guests upon their check-in at his hotel every day. On a day like any other, he met with a guest and exchanged business cards with him.

The next morning during breakfast, he happened to meet with same guest again. As they talked he learned that his wife had just given birth to a baby girl just two days previously, but was forced to travel due to urgent work matters.

Empathising with the guest, Anup arranged for the gifts of a small soft toy, a baby care set and a big card signed by the entire team to be collected. On returning to the hotel after a long day at work the guest arrived to find these ‘little surprises’ in his room.

"The birth of your own baby is a precious moment. I knew he was here for an urgent business trip and would not get to buy something for his baby so I arranged a few things so that he could go home with a few gifts for his wife and baby." said Anup.

The guest was so overwhelmed by it that the next day he requested for the General Managers telephone number and personally called to thank him for the wonderful gesture- it had really cheered him up.

Anup, Assistant Manager, Holiday Inn Express Ahmedabad Ashram Road

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