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Celebrate Service Story #1 - Going the extra mile at the Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is something very unique at the Holiday Inn Express Boston. Every year they do something special for runners along with their friends and family. Besides offering complimentary snacks, energy drinks and water, they also make sure to take lots of pictures of the runners every year. They then post them in the lobby for returning guests the following year. Returning runners also place new pictures next to their pictures from last year - this has become a tradition for many guests. Some guests have been staying there for the Marathon for over 10 years.

This year, the mother of a runner come to the front desk extremely worried about her daughter, who was feeling very ill but decided to go on and run the Marathon anyway. She approached the Front Desk asking if there have been any injury news about any of the runners, explaining her predicament.

Carol, the Guest Service Assistant, quickly figured out a way to help the guest by entering her daughter’s Marathon registration number into a website. Carol was not only able to find out that the guest's daughter was doing very well, but was also able to track her progress! Other guests overheard the conversation and also asked for updates of their loved ones. After a while there was quite a crowd of colleagues and guests having a great ‘Marathon party’ in the lobby!

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