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IHG Stories

Learn more about everything from the latest developments at IHG to how you can make your application stand out.

IHG Academy Frontier Programme sends Chinese students to Mauritius and Maldives

Four eager, young, passionate, Chinese IHG Academy students spend six months gaining work experience and building their skills at Holiday Inn Resort.

Building a Pathway to Success

We like to offer everyone a career, not just a job. This means from day one right through your career cycle we help you build a pathway to success.

Play to Your Strengths

Use these four steps to turn an unsuccessful interview or promotion into something positive to ensure you play to your strength...

A World of Opportunity

If the prospect of exciting travel, career progression, personal and professional development sounds appealing to you - you’re already in the right place with IHG.

10 ways to make the most of your first 3 months at IHG

Developing our teams and people is a strong element to who we are at IHG and so getting the best out of your first three months is really important to us.

Preparing for your interview: Did you know

Use this as a piece of information to refer to when preparing for your interview. It’s a good place to start getting to know us before we get to know you. 

Introducing the first ever Open Lobby concept in Europe

Welcome to Holiday Inn® Open Lobby, London Brentford Lock with three core pillars that make it special.

IHG: Making guests’ dreams come true

Some of our employee’s most memorable stories and how they’ve made their guests’ dreams come true.  

IHG Loyalty Summits - The Foundation of Loyalty

On October and November this year, IHG hosted two loyalty summits in London and New York respectively. The panel events convened some of the most innovative thinkers and experts on brand and consum

Spotlight on: Our brand values

Delve deeper into our brand values by looking at our Brand Promise, where our Employer Brand came from, and what promises we make to each and every one of our employees at IHG.

IHG awarded exclusive Top Employers China certification for 5th year in a row!

We’re proud to announce that IHG has been officially certified by the Top Employers Institute for the 5th year in a row.

A closer look at IHG’s best achievements in 2016

Throughout 2016, we’ve also achieved some great awards. The five awards below particularly reflect our passionate belief in our colleagues around the world who make up IHG.  

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